Kombucha 101 in the Union Market Test Kitchen

Have you ever been sipping on our kombucha and wondered how do they make this taste so good? Or have you ever been curious about just what goes into kombucha? Or are you interested in homebrewing your own batch of kombucha? We have something that may help you out.

Our customers asked, and we listened. The result is Kombucha 101 our introduction to the world of home-brewing. You'll have the chance to ask all your burning questions about kombucha and learn how to make your own brew at home. Each ticket includes everything you need brew your very first batch: a fermentation vessel, SCOBY (the culture used to make kombucha), and starter.

If you are interested in taking our class, make sure to sign up for our interest list, below. You'll be signed up for a newsletter that will let you know when we are offering a class and all of the pertinent details.

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